Sunset Center
5262 SW Philomath Blvd.
Corvallis, Oregon
(541) 752-TANN

Timberhill Center
2525 NW Kings Blvd.
Corvallis, Oregon
(541) 752-9490

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From the Blog:

Benefits of Vitamin D

Responsible indoor tanning not only gives you a healthy glow, but it helps your body make Vitamin D.

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About Tan Evolution

0388 090Tan Evolution has two locations: In the Timberhill Shopping Center in North Corvallis and at the Sunset Shopping Center in SW Corvallis. Both locations boast clean, well-maintained tanning beds. (See our Tanning Beds section for more information on the different options at each location.)

We pride ourselves on having the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness. Our beds are carefully cleaned and disinfected between uses and you can be confident that you’ll enjoy our professional, spa-like atmosphere.

0388 200Our staff is professionally trained through the International Smart Tan Network (ISTN) in how to administer ultraviolet light to help you get an even, beautiful tan without burning. We’ll evaluate your skin type and help you tan responsibly. We can advise you on the best tanning beds, schedules and skin treatments to achieve the results you’re looking for. A plan for every budget!

We also carry several lines of skin care and tanning products. Ask us about the best option for your skin!