Sunset Center
5262 SW Philomath Blvd.
Corvallis, Oregon
(541) 752-TANN

Timberhill Center
2525 NW Kings Blvd.
Corvallis, Oregon
(541) 752-9490

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Benefits of Vitamin D

Responsible indoor tanning not only gives you a healthy glow, but it helps your body make Vitamin D.

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Available Tanning Beds

High Performance European Tanning Beds! At Tan Evolution we have a tanning bed for every type of tanner. Do you prefer to get in and out within minutes, or do you enjoy relaxing with a 20-minute break in the day? Let our trained staff help you choose the tanning bed that best meets your needs.

At Tan Evolution’s Timberhill Location

Sunsations Tanning in Corvallis, Oregon, offers the UltraSun Q8 tanning bed at its Timberhill location.Ultra Sun Q8

The Q8 tanning bed offers up to 12-minute sessions and facial tanners.

  • New for 2010!
  • High pressure facials
  • Built-in body cooling fans
  • 60% stronger than most tanning beds its size
  • 12-minute maximum for a beautiful, concentrated tan

0388 057Ultra Sun 4200

The 4200 tanning bed offers up to 15-minute sessions.

  • Built-in body cooling fans * Easy-lift canopy
  • 15-minute maximum with more than 4500 watts of power

At Tan Evolution’s Sunset Location

0388 018Ultra Sun Sunburst 4000/0

  • Super-class luxury with a contemporary and comfortable design.
  • 3800 watts of power with a 20-minute maximum
  • Built-in turbo body cooling fans for maximum comfort

Ultra Sun Sunburst 4000/Magnum

  • Giving tanners a more extreme experience!
  • Over 6000 watts of power with a 12-minute maximum
  • Built-in turbo body cooling fans for maximum comfort

0388 160Ultra Sun Solarwind 5000/4 Magnum

The Ultra Sun Solarwind 5000/4 offers 15-minute sessions with facials. It gives more wrap-around tanning than other beds.

  • Over 10,000 watts of tanning power and facial tanners for the ultimate experience!
  • Built-in body cooling fans
  • Wide-bodied bed for maximum comfort
  • Power, comfort and impressive looks
  • 15-minute maximum for a beautiful, concentrated tan